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Is it possible to have a headquarter that exists from the earth it stands on?


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We have been maintaining our existence with a mindset focused on economic profitability for nearly two hundred years since the industrial revolution. We can observe the productions of this mindset in many different sectors, such as the vehicles we ride, the ways we generate energy, the banking systems we use and our building construction methods. In this discourse where economic profitability is at the forefront, the environment cannot find a place for itself. As a natural result of this, we polluted our seas, destroyed our atmosphere and melted our glaciers. Now we are desperately trying to reclaim what we have done for 200 years.

A new century requires a new understanding (mindset) with new realities. Therefore, we need to understand that what is sustainable, not centered on economic profitability, is more of a necessity than a positive discourse. We have already see the outputs of this new mindset in electric vehicles, clean energy generating methods, the decentralized finance system (de-fi), etc..

SCADA Data Production Center, situated in the middle of a 20 million sqm solar power plant, is one of the most qualified examples of this new and mandatory understanding of the new century. The reason of existence (raison d’etre) of the panels in the project area is the Sun rising from the east every morning and disappearing from the west every evening. At the point where the man-made and the natural come into contact with each other, the fact that a data production center directly establishes its existence from the soil it stands on, is found exceptionally meaningful.

“Logos”, which is the name of our proposal, was used by the ancient Ionian culture for the concept of knowledge produced from the ground. In this manner Logos appears in the middle of nowhere as a center for generating knowledge derived from the amid desert soil it stands on.


Kalyon PV




2050 sqm


  • Finalist 1/6

  • Honorable Mention


Office, Headquarter


Prequalified II Stage Competition



  • Selami Gürel


  • Meror KRAYENHOFF (Sirewall Consulting)

  • Ken De COOMAN (BC Materials)

  • Fatih YAZAR

  • Dr. M. Cem ALTUN

  • Sezin BELDAĞ



Our journey starts from the Konya Airport with a 1,5 hour car ride through the amid land. A journey in an area which becomes desolate and unscaled as soon as we deviate to the Old Karapınar Road, where everything around us fades away, leaving its place to the rhythm of solar panels and electric poles, ending with the Scada Building, which we suddenly see in the middle of nowhere. It seems like a local object,but not so much at the same time. It very clearly emphasizes the transformation of what is from the nature into a man-made one.


Caferağa Mahallesi 34347  

Moda - Kadıköy   | |   İSTANBUL 

T   :   +90 216 330 55 84

F   :   +90 216 330 55 84

Although the scarcity of surfaces to absorb light and heat in the area makes it advantageous to build a solar power plant, it makes it difficult to design an office building. Our primary intention where solar reflection is so high, is to establish an inward-looking world, an oasis in order to create a comfortable working environment. We aim to provide natural lighting and space comfort with the accesible gardens that receive controlled daylight on the periphery and the non-accessible elliptical atrium gardens we design in the interior spaces.

A building among the rhythmic elements in the middle of the desert, derived from the soil it stands on