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KAAT is shortlisted to design SCADA GES Data Production Center

Feb 5, 2021

Turkey's largest solar power plant project is carried out in Karapınar which is an isolated district of Konya. It is the only land that has a desert climate in Turkey with a significant potential for renewable energy. The SCADA central building expected to be built within the scope of the competition is the management unit of the project. For this reason, the SCADA central building will form the core of the solar power plant project that spreads to a significantly large area.

The term SCADA is an abbreviation created by reading the first letters of the English words "Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition". With SCADA, a comprehensive and integrated data-based control and monitoring system, automatic control, monitoring and reporting of results are provided for all units from the control of all equipment belonging to a facility or enterprise to production planning, from environmental control units to auxiliary enterprises. Basically, the SCADA software is expected to perform the functions of monitoring, control, data collection, data recording and storage.

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