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Moda - Kadıköy   | |   İSTANBUL 

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Award: KAAT wins Erenköy Hospital for Psychiatric & Neurological Diseases Architectural Project Competition

Feb 10, 2020

KAAT has won the competition for Erenköy Hospital for Psychiatric & Neurological Diseases in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Turkey's current erenköy Hospital is one of the most important mental and neurological diseases hospitals. It is organized in the center of Istanbul with the aim of re-planning the campus in Erenköy, which has served as a sanatorium between 1932-1976 and as a mental and nervous diseases hospital since 1976. There are many trees registered as "group trees" in the competition area. Without damaging this dense tree texture, it is essential to develop settlement and settlement proposals that will establish a sensitive relationship with its immediate surroundings.

The winning project will serve as a 300-bed hospital. Units designed as three-story, lightweight structures will be built using unusual construction methods without damaging the roots of the trees. It will be completed without cutting any trees in the 65000 sqm construction area.

Among the 85 projects participating in the competition, the KAAT won the first prize with its proposal for a middle space surrounded by structures instead of borders, and for the homogeneous structure composition of a low-rise building shaped according to trees..

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