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Caferağa Mahallesi 34347  

Moda - Kadıköy   | |   İSTANBUL 

T   :   +90 216 330 55 84

F   :   +90 216 330 55 84

Award: KAAT wins Eq. Mention in the Ulus 100. Yıl Building Competition

May 23, 2022

KAAT is honored with Equivalent Mention Award in the design competition for the modernist Ulus 100. Yıl Building.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and the jury organizing the competition aims that:

● Examining the change and transformation in its immediate surroundings, including the 100. Yıl Marketplace, to bring justified and grounded proposals that protect the existing tangible and intangible values of the area, solve its problems and add new values;

● The changes in the definition and use of public-private spaces and open spaces brought about by the pandemic environment; the necessity of limiting world resources, especially energy, and using them more sparingly in the future, which has been heard since the middle of the twentieth century; ecological crisis sanctions; city and citizens' rights; Contemporary and participatory municipalism understandings should be based and interpreted on this piece of city by the competitors in the expectation of this renewal and redesign.

Being able to pave the way for a qualified development in the region with ideas and decisions that can reorganize spatial relations both in the competition area and in its immediate surroundings is the most important challenge for the competitors.

will contribute.

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