A housing experience prioritizing common living and meeting spaces


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The project site located in Bodrum - Milas, is a very significant site with its high-sloepd topography, existing natural landscape and beautiful view. Currently two idle buildings occupy the L-shaped area. The proposed project is a high-end residential housing design consisting of common spaces, public facilities and a high quality roofscape design.

The housing complex consists of 2 blocks; one in the front facing the sea and the other one cascading through the hill on a rough topography. This way it is assured that all the residence benefit the most from the view. The blocks are connected horizontally and vertically in order to make the accessibility easier.

The second 50m line behind the shore where it is forbidden to make a construction, is where the common areas, the daily facilities and pool areas are located. This public space acts as a conjuction connecting the two residence blocks with each other and with the sea shore.






14500 sqm




In Progress


  • Ömer Selçuk BAZ (Yalın)


  • Sena Şeyma CAN


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A total of 30 houses in the front block and 60 houses on the cascading blocks (18 of which are duplexes), are designed in the project. While the houses on the back block have the advantage of being in a direct relationship with the natural landscape, the front ones enjoy the view from a distance. The organic facade of the houses allow them to benefit the maximum from the view creating 20 types of residence plans

A viewing experience with cascading terraces

A Series of Variable Fragments on a Continuous Horizontal Circulation Path

The cascading residence blocks are shaped around a basic strategy: horizontal circulation. Since it’s really hard to design a single continuous ground floor space, multiple adjacent common spaces were designed. These points are defined strongly with a horizontal elevator which connects the residence blocks to the lower main entrance. This allows the residents to easily move across the block all the way down to the seaside without facing any difficulties of the existing topography. The “monorail” stops by every block and each journey between the blocks creates a new experience with new views and relations.