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A search for a contemporary education in between the buildings of the previous century


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ITU Faculty of Management takes place in Maçka, a partially preserved part of the city that associates with the Tanzimat Period in history when important revolutions were made in Turkish theoretical and practical life.

The two historical buildings built on top of the hill and the Maçka Park in front with its valleys and trees that have grown there for centuries, all are standing there like a realistic simulation of the Tanizmat Period.

An odd feeling surrounds us all the way from the lift to the historical police station. These are the pavements on which people going from Beşiktaş to Nişantaşı have passed for nearly two centuries. And these are the buildings that have witnessed the collapse of an empire and the birth of a modern nation.

The project area is an important site which holds thousands of memories making this architecture competition a perfect opportunity and an invitation to rethink how the new faculty of such a well established university should be designed in this neighborhood at this century with our current understanding of education.


İstanbul Technical University




22000 sqm




National Competition


  • Sezin BELDAĞ 

  • Zeynep AKTAŞ (Intern)

  • ​Prof. Dr. Alper ÜNLÜ

  • Mustafa Yavuz BİLGİÇ (MSc. Civil Eng.)


The buildings of the Tanzimat Period in the campus and the structures that are more recent to the present are not only divided in terms of building style, but also planar.

There is a dramatic level difference between the +60.50 and higher elevations where the Armory and Police Station buildings are located and the other buildings of the campus. In a sense, we can call this distinction the threshold between the Tanzimat Period and the Contemporary Times.

The +60.50 wall, in other words, the Police Station wall, which starts to emerge as you descend from Süleyman Seba Street, was continued to the project area to form a base. This base is intended to provide linguistic integrity between different historical structures of the university


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The proposed project is respectful to the historical environment, in this context, it is designed not to exceed the height of the historical Police Station building. In order to establish the intensive need program in line with this principle decision, it uses it to the last drop of the construction boundary. By using the plot trace as it is, the relationship that the building establishes on the perimeter becomes even more important.

There is a visual feast around the building, which is located on this peak point where the topography of the region is valleyed to both sides.

A Contemporary existence between the past and the future