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When we enter the neighborhood using the route to the Uzundere, we experience the feeling of passing through a time gate that takes us back 25 years, not under the Southern Highway. There are still kids playing on the streets. Gardens with one or two storeyed houses and beautiful plum trees and paths that slowly evolve over time ... The building quality is quite low but we are in a very rich neighborhood as the interiors (streets) and the number of friendly people.


As you get closer to Cemevi, the architectural environment becomes more characteristic. The houses in front of Cemevi are on a stone set through the street. A world built on stone walls with 1 or 2 meters height. They establish a sincere relationship with street by stairs. Actually, we are in a different dimension (scale). Streets are way too narrow, buildings are way too small, short and close to other one. We are in a modest place.

 Our project was designed with a style that is calmly aware of where it is performed but does not hesitate to put forth its own existence as a delicate worship structure. The relationship established with the neighborhood is progressing modestly. Just like the stone wall sets standing in front of it. A dignified composition of stone walls ...

By pulling itself back from the road ahead, this narrow path allows the narrow street to breathe. This retreat helps to emphasize the beautiful mountains and trees behind, as it is the last building on the road.

Location         Karabağlar   |   İzmir

Client             Karabağlar Municipality

Program         Religious Building

Type                 Competition Project
Area               5.730 m²

Project Year    2017


Sacit Arda Karaatlı 

Lebriz Atan Karaatlı

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