1 Axis - Ancient Orbit
The most important factor in positioning the museum is the orientation to the Ancient City of Troy and the planned installation between the Archaeological Site and the museum. This axis also acts as a pathway for the visitors. The axis directly and indirectly expresses a clear relationship between the site entrance and the museum. The whole layout of the museum is structured on this 'orbit'.
2  Archaeological Valley
In the layout, the visitors meet an archaeological valley where they have the opportunity to observe from different levels. The vallet consists of open and semi open spaces that can be accessed from many platforms. The museum creates a rich archaeological valley for the visitors which come from the walls on the northern side or from the Ancient City of Troy on the western side. The axis reaches the museum site by the promenade and directs the visitors towards the museum through the valley. The museum ends with a watch tower in the east direction.

3  Body Walls
The museum has its walls and shells in the northern and southern parts. These walls are like the 'body walls' of Ancient Troy. The walls of the building give mystery to the interior museum section with different angles and orientations. 

4  City Layers
The body walls of the building create layers at different levels around the museum. The layers are cascading on the north and south side, while the museum is located in the middle of the layers. The project uses this retrospective defense by creating a 'public space' equipped with open exhibitions around the museum. For this reason, the visitor almost reaches the public space around the museum from every level possible. 
5  Essence
In the middle of the layers, through the body walls, the visitors discover the museum, the essence in the middle of the layers. Here, the museum exhibits findings from the Ancient City of Troy. The visitors reaching the museum through the layers discover the museum as if they are having a journey to the past. 


Location         Canakkale

Client             Ministry of Culture and Tourism 

Program         Museum

Type                 Competition Project
Area               10.600 m²

Project Year    2012



Alper Ünlü
Mehmet Emin Şalgamcıoğlu

Sacit Arda Karaatlı 

Lebriz Atan Karaatlı



Yapı Akademisi Mühendislik (Structural Engineer)

Elmak Mühendislik (Mechanical Engineer)

Erk Mühendislik (Electrical Engineer)