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Is it possible to establish a high-end living space in just 67 square meters that lightly touches the ground?


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A Harmonious Life with Nature through Lightweight Living Spaces

The project area is located in the Urla district of Izmir. Urla has become a popular summer destination in recent years. It is home to Turkey's first Michelin-starred vineyard restaurant. Urla is also on the EuroVelo cycling route and boasts pristine nature. The project site is a valley within this untouched nature. The valley's hilltops, which are very windy, feature wind turbines. In this area, which also includes houses owned by a cooperative, each property owner has a 67 square meter house. Additionally, this is an ecotourism area. Therefore, it is important to adopt a quieter and simpler construction method instead of large construction activities.

The proposed project offers living units of 67 square meters with a very lightweight structure. These units consist of modules that can be shaped according to the users' needs. Each living unit is organized in a way that it can be prepared separately and transported to the site. Thus, each unit can be positioned in a way that respects the existing trees and other natural elements in the area.

In Izmir, life is often spent outside the home; balconies, terraces, and doorsteps are very important. Therefore, in this project, although the interior of the house is 67 square meters, the outdoor platforms and terraces significantly increase and diversify the living spaces.






350.000 sqm


Masterplan, Housing, Eco-Tourism


In Progress

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Potentials on Urban Scale

The potential of this area to integrate with the EuroVelo Cycling Route, Olive Route, and Vineyard Route is significant. Strategically located in the picturesque district of Urla, this project not only benefits from its pristine natural surroundings but also enhances connectivity to these renowned routes. 

By linking with the EuroVelo Cycling Route, it becomes a key destination for cyclists exploring Europe. The proximity to the Olive and Vineyard Routes offers unique opportunities for visitors to experience local agriculture and cuisine. This integration not only boosts eco-tourism but also promotes sustainable living and enhances the overall appeal of the region as a hub for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.


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Located in the scenic district of Urla in Izmir, project offers a unique approach to living with its 67 m² minimalist spaces. Designed to blend seamlessly with the pristine natural surroundings, each lightweight living unit is composed of modular sections that can be tailored to the specific needs of the occupants.

The houses are strategically placed to preserve the existing trees and natural features of the valley, creating a harmonious balance between architecture and nature. With extensive outdoor platforms and terraces, the living spaces extend beyond the 67 m² interiors, providing ample and versatile areas for relaxation and enjoyment in the serene environment. 

This project not only promotes a simpler and quieter construction method but also fosters an ecotourism-friendly lifestyle, making it an ideal retreat for those seeking a comfortable and sustainable way of living.

Comfortable Living with 67 m² Minimalist Spaces