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The idea of a “house” built according to the existing rocks and natural landscape


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Consisting of red colored rocks and a rather brutal landscape, Kızılburun is a unique geography with its natural beauty, view and cliff-like slopes. In a land consisting of 5 adjacent parcels, the aim is to design a hotel which coexists with high-end residences.

The residences which we prefer to refer as “chain houses” are designed in such a way that no harm will come to the natural landscape of the area. The intention is to keep the excavation activities to a minimum and construct consecutive closed, semi-open and open spaces, all together forming a unique residence compound. Unlike the conventional construction methods, the project design & application process is planned to proceed in a haute-couture manner according to the data received in the field. With the application of the piles to the spots where the existing rocks in the area allow, a flooring system will be created. The light structures and the components of the residences will all be prefabricated later to be brought to the area.

In the areas where the landscape allows us to make rather small excavations, the characteristic masonry stone walls will be constructed to bring a variation to the color – texture and material palette of the residences. In this way it is aimed to create a delicate tension between the local and the contemporary.






17200 sqm




In Progress

ortak çalışanlar

  • Ömer Selçuk BAZ (Yalın)

  • Sena Şeyma CAN

  • Selami Gürel


Unlike the conventional construction methods, the design and the application of the project are planned to be handled parallel to each other, as the existing situation of the land will tell us how and where to construct during the process. At this point, it is the best to listen to the nature and allow it to direct us rather than creating a conflicting existence with it.


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17 chain houses, all of which are unique and different, are all set on cascading levels. This high-sloped formation of the existing land, allows perfect privacy and unlimited sea view for each residence unit although the houses are adjacent to each other and contain open, semi-open spaces.

A delicate tension between the local and the contemporary