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Can the social and common living spaces that existed in the Mediterranean geographies in the 18th century shed light on today's common living spaces?


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Gavuzoğlu Rehabilitation Campus, a common life center built for senior citizens to stay in a natural environment in a quality way in Ağaçlı, one of the Black Sea villages of Istanbul. While the project includes all the health programs that a certain age group may need in terms of healthy living motives, it also produces rich alternatives for the residents to socialize. In the region, which receives strong winds from the Black Sea every day of the year, serious physical environmental studies have been carried out so that life can pass outside the building as desired, and the buildings are positioned in such a way that they do not form a wind corridor.


İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality




8500 sqm


Health & Residential


In Progress

ortak çalışanlar

Berfu Oker

Sena Şeyma Can

Sezin Beldağ


An elderly care and rehabilitation center is being built in the project area, which is located in a cute town on the Rumeli side of Istanbul, where the northern forests meet the Black Sea, for the accommodation of elderly who are self-sufficient or in need of help. 

Due to the abundance of lignite deposits, the land has undergone a lot of excavation and has recently been used as an excavation dumping area for the surrounding constructions. The northern slope of the project area, along with a panoramic black sea view, faces a front that receives strong winds in all seasons of the year, and the south and west areas are fed by the dominant tree view of Ağaçlı, one of the charming black sea villages of Rumeli.


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While thinking about geriatrics, we realized this. Assuming that the economic life of a building is approximately 30 years, the end-users of the building will be citizens born between 1980 and 1990. People born after this date have much less cultural and environmental knowledge than those born before this date. For example, they never saw water being drawn from the well. They do not know how to grind wheat. For instance, they did not draw any water from the water pump. Therefore, this campus was designed as a center for transferring all the information that is in danger of being lost, along with its users, to the lower generations. To do this, all of the structural units were positioned to describe the open spaces and allow for different activities.

Center for Transferring Information That Is in Danger of Being Lost to Lower Generations