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Transforming a low-quailty single-storey public building into a qualified contemporary city library


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The single-storey building, which is currently used as the city council building, has been transformed into a city library building.

Until the 21st century, the library structures can be seen as spaces where people quietly read books, establishing a relationship between knowledge and the individual in a way that leaves no room for other participants. However in today’s world, information is produced with a lot of participants which leads us to the fact that such places should be built on not only the function of reading books, but also discussing, watching, co-working, thinking and idea exchanging.

Çerkezköy City Library has been considered as a total space thanks to the wide span structure it has been built under. The interrelation of platforms at different levels with each other allows restrictive and descriptive sub-spaces to be designed in a single space. The material palette of the building, mainly made of brick and zinc material, establishes an intellectual unity with the almost adjacent industrial zone.

The building consists of a library with 5000 books, studying areas, a multimedia hall, and a children’s library for young parents to also be able to spend time in the building. 

The building is planned to be open in 2022.


Çerkezköy Municipality




890 sqm




Under Construction

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  • Yiğitcan ÜLKÜCÜ

  • Sezin BELDAĞ


  • İzel KAVUZLU

  • ENTE Engineering & Cons.

  • MAK Energy Cons.


The understanding of the library, which continues until the 21st century, can be considered as a single function-oriented space arrangement. However, in the age we live in, libraries should be constructed in a way that allows more than one function. In this context, the library structure has been designed as a single space that can accommodate different interactions.


Caferağa Mahallesi 34710  

Moda - Kadıköy   | |   İSTANBUL 


T   :   +90 216 330 55 84

F   :   +90 216 330 55 83

The building consists of a total ground floor and a relatively large mezzanine floor. The platforms connecting these levels create cascading areas that contain different reading and studying areas. On the upper floor, co-working areas of larger sizes, comfortable reading areas towards the park view and studying desks of different scales are situated. The book shelves are categorized and spread all over the interior space in order to leave no reading area idle. On the ground floor, the daily magazines, best seller areas and a kids’ library is designed. These two levels are connected with platforms and a amphitheater-like reading area which creates an alternative reading spot for the visitors. Under the mezzanine floor are technical areas, storages, service areas and office spaces.

A total space that allows various interactions