The gaps caused by the water sources, damage the continuity of the two river shores. This damage of continuity is what makes the water source become a threshold. Different scales of these thresholds make different effects on the local public life. The bridge which will be designed along this critical distance should prevent the possible damage to the planned recreational public usage of Kızılırmak shores. It should be designed as an alternative public space for the locals instead of a connection in between the two sides. The proposed bridge design is not a separate landmark, but a unique extension of the recreational formations and the coastal walkways. So its starting points, ending points and borders are all vague. Its oval organic lines are a result of natural human movement making the bridge inviting and inclusive at both sides. This vagueness makes the bridge a place with a before and an after.

The thought of designing the bridge as an extension does not only apply to its plastic form, but also to its functional effect on the area. So the 100m width of the river makes it necessary to design an alternative public space that allows different functions to take place on the bridge. The separation of the slow, tranquil pedestrian movement and the fast vehicle movement is considered necessary to begin with. While the 21m wide vehicle highway makes its way to the opposite shore, the part of the bridge which serves to the pedestrians and the bicyclers, widens, shrinks, descends and rises back forming different kinds of structural forms and public usage.


Award              WA AWARD


Location          Sivas

Client              Sivas Municipality

Program         Bridge

Type               Competition Project

Project Year    2016

Lebriz Atan Karaatlı

Sacit Arda Karaatlı

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