Building Stock
When you look at Saracoglu neighborhood and its surroundings from an upper scale, you can observe a dense building stock. The number of blocks per hectare ranged from 11 to 14 when the structural densities in these areas -designated as residential and commercial areas- are analyzed. This situation does not leave any places for the city to breathe, it only brings unhealthy, jammed towns with 6 to 9 storey building blocks where ground floors don't even get natural light. This is a typical planning strategy that completely serves the capital, not considering the public interest precisely. Spacious parks inbetween are inefficient because they are inadequate and are constantly interrupted by heavy traffic movements and do not provide a continuity between the so-called public areas. Within this density, Saracoglu neighborhood attracts attention with the areas where the city can breathe. Contrary to the building density in the neighborhoods, the number of blocks per hectare is 3. In other words, there is a building density three times to four times less than the others. This gives us important clues about what needs to be preserved and how attitudes of everyday life enrichment should be handled. 


Location         Kizilay   |   Ankara

Client             TMMOB Ankara 

Program         Urban Renewal

Type                 Competition Project
Area               121.500 m²

Project Year    2013



Sacit Arda Karaatlı 

Lebriz Atan Karaatlı


Award             HONORABLE MENTION

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