You're stepping in an important place…

“Oh Wanderer! Prepare for the road by knowing this” said Epictetus who was born at the end of this road - Hierapolis


Stand here and turn your face to the west… There you will find Anaksimandros, Thales and Anaksimenes. Remember that these great men, who laid the foundations of our contemporary thought history, looked at the same horizon...


Stand here and turn your face to the east… There you will find unique Pamukkale. Imagine those healing waters becoming hope for those in need, for centuries

Stand here and turn your face to the north…

There you will find the traces of a lost civilization in Phrygia and its inhabitants.

Pray for the lost civilization that vanished with the reality of death which silences everything.

Prepare for the road by knowing this!

Awards          4. HONORABLE MENTION



Location         Denizli

Client             DEGIAD

Program         Urban Design

Type                 Competition Project
Area               11500 m²

Project Year    2019


Sacit Arda KARAATLI 


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