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Caferağa Mahallesi 34347  

Moda - Kadıköy   | |   İSTANBUL 

T   :   +90 216 330 55 84

F   :   +90 216 330 55 84

Award: KAAT and wins 2nd Prize in the Meles Stream National Urban Design Competition

Sep 24, 2020

KAAT and's design PentaRhei - Meles Akademi wins second place in the Meles Stream National Urban Design Competition.

With the "Meles Stream National Urban Design Idea Project Competition as an Urban and Ecological Backbone", Meles Stream and Yeşildere Valley, which have lost their natural qualities and urban potential due to the urbanization practices of Izmir, are considered as an ecological backbone and It is aimed to obtain ideas that can light the way.

With the Green Infrastructure Strategy, which was developed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, that provides and manages biological diversity in both rural and urban environments within a wide ecosystem, strategically planning the connection between natural, semi-natural and urban areas, a macro-scale approach is suggested for renaturation city center till city periphery. This approach includes multi-faceted planning, design, and management issues such as controlling urban growth, conserving natural resources, economic development, urban renewal.

The proposal project fictionalizes as an academy to grown fusiologos which produce knowledge from the earth in Meles Stream its periphery that throughout the city.

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