Madencioglu Waterfall is about 30 minutes drive from Devrek district of Zonguldak; It is located at the point where it turns as a bridge at the end of the road connecting the village of Özbağı and Sofular Village. The area, which is mainly used as a picnic area by the local people, is also the stopover for hiking and cycling. Although some studies were carried out for more efficient use of the area at different times, the environment around the waterfall became idle because of the floods and carelessness in the winter.


Due to the concrete fills on both sides of the area in the current situation, the waterfall is poured into a narrow area and continues to flow in such a way that it finds its own leak.

The railings on the bridge and the filling areas are broken and the natural vegetation is damaged because the visitors drive until the bottom of the waterfall. The poetic existence of the waterfall is long lost.


Our project has been designed in such a way that visitors can spend a long time with the natural beauties of the area. For this purpose, the concrete filling areas were excavated and the waterfall was turned back to its natural state. All the following interventions were made elegantly, touching the nature in a delicate way.

A pier was proposed as a continuation of the road from the village of Özbağı and the retaining wall to the left of this pier was illuminated and transformed into a beautiful stone wall. On the right side of this pier, public platforms were placed for various purposes that the visitors could use. some of these platforms, people can sit against the waterfall, read a book or close their eyes and listen to the sound of the waterfall. Visitors can have a closer relationship with water in the water hammer and the surrounding platforms, can get in the water by using stairs, etc.





Project Year

Devrek, Zonguldak

Governorship of Zonguldak

Public Space - Recreation


305 m²



Sacit Arda KARAATLI  


Steel Project : Bilgiç Mühendislik

Electrical Project : Mak Enerji Danışmanlık

Lighting Design : Mak Enerji Danışmanlık



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