Kayseri, being one of the most developed cities in Central Anatolia, is an industrial and commercial center with a rich cultural heritage that has been home to many civilizations until the Republican era, beginning with the Paleolithic area. The city has a unique synthesis typology while it has witnessed Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods. Let's think about the typical Kayseri houses.


As it is in many cities of Anatolia, the ground floor is seen as a part of the city in Kayseri, while the upper floors are closed areas for the private life of the families. Since the understanding of the space has changed, this situation can be observed from the outside by the material change of the facade. Stone workmanship is important in these houses. Many cities in Anatolia have this ground floor - upper floor layout which becomes specially important in Kayseri with the stone workmanship on the facades.


Kayseri Chamber of Commerce building establishes a close relationship with the typical Kayseri houses. The structural decisions are not simply formal trends and imaginative decisions, but also they are decisions that reflect the character of the 'chamber of commerce' while linking to the historical texture of the environment. The stylized stone facade represents a more formal, simple, durable, heavy construction; where the different materials and the luminosity level inside and on the ground floor point to the life outside.

Location         Kayseri

Client             Kayseri Chamber of Commerce

Program         Office Building

Type                 Competition Project
Area               10.200 m²

Project Year    2014



Lebriz Atan Karaatlı
Sacit Arda Karaatlı

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