KÂAT Architects and YALIN Architecture & Urban’s design shortlisted for the 2-Stage International Design Competition - KFAS New Headquarters in Kuwait. The competition is organized by The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS), the leading organization for funding, promoting and advancing science, innovation and technology, as well as research and development in the State of Kuwait. The subject of the competition is the architectural design for two buildings – the New KFAS Headquarters and New KFAS Conference Center in Kuwait - and the urban design and landscape architecture for the area between the sites which are expected to become a future model for the socio-economic developments in the Gulf Region of Kuwait.

The future should not be separated from the past. It changes according to tradition, location, climate and user. It’s inevitable to define KFAS project as a layout of science and future, built by learning and understanding its context. In Kuwait, there are many things to learn from the nature, the past and the toughness of the geography. The harsh desert climate, the humid and hot sea front, the courtyard that rises from the tradition and the street patterns are all simple but unique references. The intention is to project these references and information to the future with the help of scientific data, other than using them randomly as consumed architectural motives.

The city is a macro-space arrangement, where people interact with one another. The design cannot be explained only as two buildings and a landscape in between. It is an urban set up with different tensioned elements attached. The goal is to set up a layout formed from open, semi-open, closed spaces which tightly tie the two buildings to each other. This layout also contains the potential of merging with the seafront and other possible future connections. The design is encircled with active and passive usages and a Science Park which encourage the outdoor public space usage. The fundamental principle is to create a new artificial pattern or an urban topography surrounded by a series of functions closely related to the urban layout. The new pattern creates a continuous connection between the buildings. The cuts, courtyards and the different sized openings contain various parts of the program. The shadows, water, wind movement, courtyards, towers, streets and passages turn this pathway into a living sub-secondary space. The area is designed as an innovative, scientific place of experimental science and observation where visitors can experiment with water, air, landscape, light, wind, smell, sound and other natural elements.


The stacked and shaded pattern rises up in third dimension on both sides, in order to form the KFAS Headquarters and the Conference Center. The canopies on top of each other form gaps, terraces, atriums and courtyards. The buildings both have different spatial layouts, circulation systems and space hierarchy, but the horizontal canopies, the wide cantilever terraces and the landscape make them similar in character. The public programs on the ground floors of the buildings are designed as an integral part of the ongoing urban landscape. The continuous street line reaches the atrium areas and passes through towards the park and the sea.

Awards            Shortlisted Finalist Project 



Location         Kuwait  

Client             KFAS (Kuwait Foundation for                                   the Advancement of Science)

Program         Headquarters, Conference Center                           & Urban Design

Type                 International Competition Project
Area               45,900 m²

Project Year    2018







Firdevs Ermiş

Atakan Koca

Pelin Yıldız

Fatma Sezgin

Ece Özdür


Okan Bal (Urban Planner)

Landscape Consultants: Eda Ekim, Ceyda Özbilen

Sustainability Consultant: Cenk Yoldaş