KORUBAGLAR, the 21st century metropolitan park is designed as a superposition of the existing and the potential layers, situations and possibilities.

These layers are,         

               -o1 "urban memory"      to strengthen the state of belonging

               -o2 "urban textures”       to form multifunctional zones

               -o3  "subordinate public spaces and spots”  to reduce the area to human scale on different levels and,

               -o4  "robust top promenade” putting the observer in the middle of the reality as in the concept of quantum.

The 'urban memory' caused by the existing dried creek beds, the natural topographic structure of the land and the existing roads formed over many years as footprints on the grass; is preserved and maintained in the design. This way, the state of belonging of the public is reached and strengthened. The existing split of the land is considered as a continuation of the street and it turned out to be the beginning point of the upper promenade which leans towards the view. The open sports fields, the bazaar areas and the urban functions such as buffets, cafes, etc. are all situated on the northern side of the project site where the urban fabric is intensive, integrating with the existing Sports Hall both with design and function. The front of the sports hall is designed as a large public square to connect the car park entrance hall to the main city square. On different levels, different functioning areas (public squares, pools, poles, etc.) with different sizes are designed with the principle of 'outer space continuity and consecutive outer spaces', reducing the area to human scale. The area where the natural topography suddenly falls down, is widened to form an activity ridge. The project tries to dissolve many dynamics in and around it while trying to create a topological identity with the robust rectangular upper promenade.

Location         Karabağlar   |   İzmir

Client             Karabağlar Municipality

Program         Urban Design

Type                 Competition Project
Area               41.200 m²

Project Year    2017


Lebriz Atan Karaatlı

Sacit Arda Karaatlı 

Didem Karaca (Landscape Architect)

Gizem Özbaba (Urban Planner)