Iztuzu Beach.. a paradise realization where Anatolia meets the Mediterranean Sea with a 4km long arc. With its rich flora-fauna palette and its very own Sea Turtles, the beach is one of the most important naturally conserved beaches of Southern Turkey.  The sea turtles begin their lives on this very beach and as a result of a very tough journey, they finally reach the intimate freshness of the Mediterranean. The competition being located at the point where the grand hill meets the Intuzu Lake, is considered to be a great opportunity and an interesting invitation to rethink the conservation issues within the geographical context.


Perhaps the best way to explain this design is to take you through the intellectual journey we have made during the design process. We close our eyes for a moment and think of the Dalyan Strip. We are thinking of the reeds that we passed on a half hour boat ride to Iztuzu Beach along the ancient rock tombs of Kaunos. We imagine the plan view of the reeds and think of how vague they blend in with the water. Then we arrive at the beach and observe the traces of the tides on the sea shore. The organically curved and dynamic traces.. The red pine trees suddenly appear before our eyes. We raise our heads to watch the leaves moving slowly with the sea breeze and remember the phenomenal situation where the trees do not touch each other in order to let the other live while maintaining their own lives: the crown shyness. It is exactly at this point where we intend to create an architecture that can co-exist with the others and this idea constitutes the intellectual infrastructure of our design.


It is forbidden to construct in the first 50 m. of the shoreline. Therefore it is the second 50-meter dense-wooded slope where the project is located. The proposal is shaped by a structural crown shyness to establish a relationship with all the textures of the intellectual journey. This is not only a physical similarity but also a philosophical identity. Being respectful within its boundaries so that another may exist… The design consists of multiple canopy structures to the extent that the Mediterranean climate and the required program allows. These canopies are shaped according to the trees and reflect the slope of the topography they step on. They form spaces as mush as the trees allow and they associate with the nature as delicately as possible. They do not sit on the ground, allowing natural life of the soil to continue. Thanks to the fragmented spacial layout, the geographical context is felt at every point of the design. Each canopy makes sense with the adjacent one, the trees, the smell of iodine in the air and the continuous sound of the sea. In this context, all the spaces are experimental and powerful. Every aspect of the design offers dynamic perspectives – fragments. Each canopy describes a distinctive program consisting of closed, semi-open and open spaces. The spaces are freely constructed under the canopies and the narrow columns provide a harmonious relation with the verticality of the tree trunks.

Awards            1st PRIZE





Project Year


Ministry of Environment

Research Facility

National Competition Project

978 m²




Sacit Arda KARAATLI  


Zeynep AKTAŞ (Intern)

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