Multi-Purpose Halls are generally designed as an empty box so that they allow different indoor activities. Although they are one of the most frequently used buildings, it is not considered that the building itself should serve too many purposes.  We can easily come across a parking lot or an old sports hall with a 'Wedding Hall' sign on the front door. For this reason, no building typology has been developed up to this day. In this context, Çerkezköy Multipurpose Event Hall suggests a new 'building typology'.


On the way from Istanbul to Çerkezköy, the parcel on the side of the high-speed traffic road opens to a vast natural landscape at the back. While the urbanization is going on in the front, the building uses the untouched beautiful nature at the back of the building as its outdoor activity area. The plaza and the canopy on the side of the road define the main entrance and the VIP entrance, while the open air stairs slowly prepare visitors for the event in the backyard, isolating them from the outside world. This stepped path is also an open space circulation alternative of activities that can be performed simultaneously in different seasons.


The building has an indoor activity hall for 1000 people and an event garden for 1000 people, as well as a green outdoor amphitheater. The sloping roof turns into a prestige canopy on the front, while at the other side, it becomes an open air amphitheater with a capacity of 1000 people, where activities can be carried out independently of the use of the building.

The Event Hall is also designed to enable different events to be held at different times. In addition to the fact that one or more weddings can be performed simultaneously, activities such as business lunches, seminars and conferences can take place at the hall with the help of the divisible space structure of the interior space.





Project Year


Çerkezköy Municipality

Multipurpose Hall

Concept Project

8.950 m²


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