The Exhibiton Stand that displays "Decorative Furniture Fittings" that embody after designign complex mold mechanisms for each product one by one and with the highest yield receivable, is considered as a Giant Mold.

This giant mold is a robust, dark and cold box ,just like any other molds. However, just like the very colorful world that the company produces using these cold and robust patterns, inside of this giant mold is vivid enough to create contrast.

This huge mold explodes and spreads all over the area. The masses in the scattered places turn into exhibition objects. The complementery state between the masses and the structure in the middle that left from the exploding masses can be followed from every perspective. The mass located close to the fair entrance becomes a totem. A small part explodes from this totem becomes an infodesk.

The structure left in the middle is a busy seating area where people get some information about the products and make some deals.

Location          TÜYAP   |   İstanbul

Client              Çebi

Program          Fair Stand

Status               Completed
Area                210 m²

Project Year     2017

Design Team 

Sacit Arda Karaatlı 

Lebriz Atan Karaatlı

Construction Team

Mimarlar Ltd. 

Photo Credit: Orhun Ülgen

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