The amphitheater, which is a 5-minute walk from the city center, has hosted many activities for thirty years, has become an “evening place” for the people and it is an important place in the urban-memory.


Over time, a roof was added to the stage of the amphitheater, the ground floor of the theater was occupied with associations, service vehicles started to wait for passengers in front of high amphitheater walls, the transformer was built on the south side of the theater... Despite the high walls of the amphitheater, the weak relationship has been established with the city completely lost. In recent years, with the immense immigration to the city, surrounding of the amphitheater has become the area where dozens of workers take services to go to factories in the morning-noon and evening hours.


Instead of the amphitheater, which has become unusable for maintenance, The municipility wanted to create a public space that is more integrated with the city and can easily and effectively be used by women, children and disabled people day and night.


The project is based on the coexistence of a park which creates its own innerworld by turning its back on the poor-quality buildings, transformers, etc.. and a sub-square formed by the connection of two drop off points.


The corner of the park raises up to form an iconic canopy that welcomes the visitors who approach the site from the city center.


On the other side of the park, there is a mini amphitheater by which a reference is made to the old use of the area, providing an environment for informal community activities in the park.

Location         Çerkezköy   |   Tekirdağ

Client             Çerkezköy Municipality

Program         Urban Design

Type                 Concept Project
Area               3.480 m²

Proje Year       2018


Sacit Arda Karaatlı 

Lebriz Atan Karaatlı